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Yahoo (YHOO) today announced the 2013 Year In Review, a look at the daily search habits of millions of Yahoo users. And for the first time,Year In Review takes a peek at the top trends from Tumblr. This year’s top searches on Yahoo include high-profile trials, Obamacare, and the twerk seen ‘round the world.

Election politicking dominated the top 10 searches of 2012, but this year people were a little starry-eyed. Miley Cyrus (No. 1) came into our lives like a wrecking ball and dethroned Kim Kardashian (No. 2) to become Yahoo's most searched person in 2013. Kardashian’s pregnancy, divorce and engagement guaranteed the reality star a continued place in the top 10. (She’s been a regular since 2009.) Online gaming phenomenon Minecraft came in at No. 4. As with the Casey Anthony trial of 2011, notoriety surrounding a murder trial thrust the defendant Jodi Arias (No. 8) into the top 10.

Top Searches on Yahoo in 2013

  1. miley cyrus
  2. kim kardashian
  3. kate upton
  4. minecraft
  5. selena gomez
  6. obamacare (affordable care act)
  7. amanda bynes
  8. jodi arias
  9. iphone 5
  10. justin bieber

Not surprisingly, twerking (No. 6) makes the list of Yahoo’s top Web obsessions this year, but television shows like “Duck Dynasty” (No. 1), “Breaking Bad” (No. 2), and “The Walking Dead” (No. 3) dominate. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” (No. 4) craze continued this year with news of a real life Christian Grey coming to the big screen. Snapchat (No. 7), Bitstrips (No. 10), and, of course, the selfie (No. 9) saved people from a serious case of FOMO.

One thing that is sure to trend for the rest of the year is “Anchorman 2,” the much anticipated Will Ferrell sequel. Ron Burgundy himself reported on this year’s top Yahoo searches. Check out the video here.

Top Obsessions on Yahoo in 2013 (top-searched + top gainers)

  1. duck dynasty
  2. breaking bad
  3. the walking dead/zombie apocalypse
  4. fifty shades of grey casting
  5. the new 100 dollar bill
  6. twerking
  7. snapchat
  8. rainbow loom
  9. selfie
  10. bitstrips

For the first time, Yahoo’s Year In Review features some of the coolest, funniest, most creative new blogs on Tumblr from 2013. These blogs hit the mainstream this year with their vibrant content from the poetic Buzzfeed Articles Without the GIFs to The Official White House Tumblr (which of course launched with a presidential stance on the word GIF). For more on Tumblr’s Year In Review visit:

Top 10 Most Viral Blogs on Tumblr in 2013:

Top 10 New & Notable Blogs on Tumblr in 2013:

Fashion bloggers post about their favorite looks throughout the year. Below are the most reblogged fashion trends posted on Tumblr in 2013, showcasing the range of style that speaks to the Tumblr generation.

Top 10 Fashion Trends on Tumblr in 2013

  1. Hipster
  2. Grunge
  3. Indie
  4. Pale
  5. Swag
  6. Pastel
  7. Rosy
  8. Girly
  9. Soft Grunge
  10. Boho

Throughout the year, searchers turn to Yahoo to answer some of life’s most pressing questions. People search for the meaning of buzzwords, ponder “why,” and even to find out “how to cook”. The top-searched questions of this year include everything from “what is twerking?” to “where is brangelina.”

Top-Searched ‘What’ Questions on Yahoo in 2013

  1. what is twerking
  2. what is obamacare
  3. what caused power outage
  4. what did paula deen say
  5. what day is thanksgiving
  6. what is a hashtag
  7. what did riley cooper say
  8. what is the harlem shake
  9. what time is the super bowl
  10. what time is witching hour

Top-Searched ‘Why’ Questions on Yahoo in 2013

  1. why only 6 jurors in zimmerman trial
  2. why are flags at half staff today
  3. why is the government shut down
  4. why is the sky blue
  5. why did cote de pablo leave NCIS
  6. why is kelly ripa on crutches
  7. why did the government shut down
  8. why is jay leno leaving the tonight show
  9. why did pope benedict resign
  10. why is ziva leaving NCIS

What do Cronuts, coconut oil, and Sriracha have in common? They were some of the top food crazes that people searched on (and ate) all year.

Top Food Crazes that Buzzed on Yahoo in 2013

  • cronuts
  • coconut oil
  • twinkies
  • ramen burger
  • dorito locos taco
  • kale
  • froyo
  • chia seeds
  • sriracha
  • pretzel burger

Top ‘How To Cook’ Searches on Yahoo in 2013

  1. how to cook spaghetti squash
  2. how to cook lobster tails
  3. how to cook quinoa
  4. how to cook pumpkin seeds
  5. how to cook corn on the cob
  6. how to cook asparagus
  7. how to cook a pork roast
  8. how to cook bacon in the oven
  9. how to cook acorn squash
  10. how to cook artichokes

The top-searched news stories on Yahoo reveal a wide breadth of domestic and international affairs: Obamacare (No. 2), of course, makes a repeat appearance, but the Boston Marathon bombings (No. 3), the birth of a royal baby (No. 4), Syria’s civil war (No. 6), and the papal transition (No. 9) also made the list. Surprisingly, despite the dialogue about race relations, crime, and gun control that the George Zimmerman murder trial (No. 5) spawned, it was the Jodi Arias trial that took the No. 1 spot.

Top-Searched News Stories on Yahoo in 2013

  1. jodi arias trial
  2. obamacare (affordable care act)
  3. boston marathon bombing
  4. royal baby birth
  5. george zimmerman trial
  6. syria civil war
  7. north korea missile threats
  8. papal transition
  9. paula deen lawsuit
  10. aaron hernandez shooting

Everyone loves a good comeback story, and this year is no exception. Some fads of the past came roaring back, from jelly sandals and combat boots to boy bands and high-waisted jeans.

Top Comeback Fads on Yahoo in 2013

  • combat boots
  • cutoff shorts
  • boy bands (NKOTB, NSync, One Direction, the Wanted)
  • overalls
  • animal prints
  • electronic dance music
  • high-waisted jeans
  • bangs
  • vintage bathing suits
  • jelly sandals

The Red Sox made it to the World Series, but could not edge out the Dallas Cowboys as this year’s top-searched sports team. And while Tim Tebow didn’t get a lot of playing time in 2013, he still commanded the top spot as our most searched athlete of 2013, followed by Tiger Woods. Interestingly, both Tebow’s and Woods’s girlfriends (real and alleged) were among the top searched list of girlfriends of 2013.

Top-Searched Sports Teams on Yahoo in 2013

  1. dallas cowboys
  2. boston red sox
  3. green bay packers
  4. los angeles lakers
  5. detroit tigers
  6. pittsburgh steelers
  7. los angeles dodgers
  8. new york yankees
  9. denver broncos
  10. milwaukee bucks

This year proved to be a big one for music, with Miley Cyrus topping both the Yahoo Search charts and the music charts. The top-searched music tours of 2013 were those of the Eagles, Luke Bryan, and the Rolling Stones. And everyone was singing hit songs from Taylor Swift and Robin Thicke, according to the top-searched lyrics.

Top-Searched Lyrics on Yahoo in 2013

  1. you belong with me lyrics (taylor swift)
  2. blurred lines lyrics (robin thicke)
  3. just give me a reason lyrics (pink)
  4. thrift shop lyrics (macklemore & ryan lewis)
  5. wrecking ball lyrics (miley cyrus)
  6. royals lyrics (lorde)
  7. mirrors lyrics (justin timberlake)
  8. a thousand years lyrics (christina perri)
  9. titanium lyrics (david guetta)
  10. stay lyrics (rihanna)

New smartphones, wearable tech, and apps captivated searchers in 2013. Even some of the top questions searched in 2013 involved technology. In fact, searches on “how to take a screenshot,” “how to install Skype for free,” “what is a hashtag,” and “how to create a website” spiked this year.

Top Gadget/Tech Related Searches on Yahoo in 2013

  1. iphone (including 4, 5, 5s, 5c, 6)
  2. samsung (including galaxy, s4, s3, note)
  3. siri
  4. ipad cases
  5. snapchat
  6. google glass
  7. apple ipad
  8. blackberry z10
  9. cloud computing
  10. ipad 5

For more of Yahoo’s 2013 Year In Review including original videos, slideshows, and big-picture analysis from Yahoo News writers, visit

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To see additional lists, please contact Carolyn Clark at [email protected]

About the Yahoo Year In Review Methodology

To develop the Yahoo Year In Review, our editors analyze Yahoo Search queries based on a number of factors, including volume and growth from previous periods, to see which themes and trends bubble to the surface. Individuals and their Search queries always remain anonymous.

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